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Trac-Vac 880 Leaf Vac System

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Manufacturer:Trac - Vac
Category: Leaf Vacs
Condition: New
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The Model 880 Trac Vac is one of over 20 lawn vacuums offered by Palmor Products to give your lawn and yard a well cared for look. An 8HP Briggs and Stratton power unit is mounted directly to the drawbar of the 17 cubic foot cart to give the versatility needed to change tools quickly and to aid in handling and storage.

The fast hitch and un-hitching of the Model 880 vacuum allows you to change from vacuuming equipment to plow, till or roll in a matter of minutes. Lower the jack stand, pull the hitch pin, remove the discharge chute and you are ready to attach another piece of equipment.

The seventeen cubic foot cart, tapered to facilitate dumping and custom designed cart cover expands collection capacity to approximately 50 cubic feet. The cover is manufactured from 20 Ga. galvanized  steel, providing for years of rust free service. The cover also features a one-piece tailgate for ease of dumping.
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